Tests conducted by the accredited Laboratory for Tests of Mechanical Security Devices and Lightweight Space Dividers (AB 035) include:

  • secure storage facilities and units, safes, strongroom doors and strongrooms (PN-EN 1143-1);
  • secure storage facilities and units, deposit systems (PN-EN 1143-2);
  • secure storage units, secure safe cabinets (PN-EN 14450);
  • high-security locks, HSL (PN-EN 1300);
  • building hardware, padlocks and padlock fittings (PN-EN 12320);
  • building hardware, cylinders for locks (PN-EN 1303);
  • building hardware, locks and locking plates (PN-EN 12209);
  • building hardware, lever handles and knob furniture (PN-EN 1906);
  • glass/plastic composites, bullet resistance (PN-EN 1063);
  • construction materials, windows, doors, shutters and blinds, bullet resistance (PN-EN 1523);
  • pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters, burglar resistance (PN-EN 1628–1630);
  • wooden, plastic, metal and composite windows and balcony doors;
  • wooden, plastic, metal and composite doors and door leafs;
  • thermal transmittance, calculation method (PN-EN ISO 10077);
  • assessment of performance based on type tests (System 3) – EN 14351.


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