Research, development and implementation activities:

We conduct activities concerning the broadly defined defence and security area: armament, ammunition, explosives, ballistic protection, mechanical security devices and lightweight space dividers.

The range of tests carried out at the accredited laboratory includes the following:

  • secure storage units, safes, strongroom doors and strongrooms;
  • deposit systems;
  • secure safe cabinets;
  • high-security locks, HSL;
  • building hardware, padlocks and padlock fittings;
  • cylinders for locks;
  • locks and locking plates;
  • lever handles and knob furniture;
  • bullet resistance;
  • pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters;
  • windows and balcony doors;
  • doors and door leafs;
  • heat transfer coefficient.




– We manufacture rating plates for products certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics.

– We certify products in service:

  • assessment of safes and facilities for storage of confidential information;
  • assessment of safes and facilities for storage of firearms and ammunition;
  • assessment of safes and facilities for storage of valuables.

– We assess conformity to technical and organisational requirements (WTO) during the manufacture and sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition and products and technologies for the military or police.

– We prepare reports and issue assessments within the scope of competence of the Department.

– We prepare technical information required to confirm the classification code in accordance with ADR for fireworks.

– We assign the classification code and issue classification certificates for submitted products in accordance with ADR.

– We test fireworks (test series 6).

– We manufacture special-purpose devices and equipment used by uniformed services.



Education activities:

We conduct training in the following areas:

  • performance and management of economic activity relating to the production and sale of firearms, ammunition and products and technologies designed for the military or the police;
  • mechanical security devices;
  • explosive formulations.



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